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Our Services

In order to achieve its goals the International Agency for the Mobility of Knowledge and Innovation offers:

1. Management of International Mobility Projects for the Development of Knowledge
The agency is a solid structure and arranges services for enterprises, public administrations, universities, and training and innovation entities; proposes and administrates transnational projects within the European Union notifications.
The Agency offers its experience to help entities sending and positioning people, pupils, students, workers, businessmen, etc. to other countries, arrange exchange programmes, suggest new innovation international projects, etc, advising about new mobility projects, development projects, etc.

Potential users:
  • Public administrations and education, training and employment entities.
  • Entities, centres, training high schools, etc.
  • Enterprises and business associations.
  • Individuals who desire to travel abroad.
  • Associations, trade unions, foundations,...

2. Services for employees
• Information about job offers in other countries.
• Information about mobility proceedings.
• Information about the European Comission programmes.
• Information about organizations and enterprises placing students.
• Information about enterprise programmes for placing students.

3. Services for public and private organizations
• Information about mobility proceedings.
• Managing mobility projects benefits.
• Information about the organizations.

4. Services for enterprises
• Dissemination of student placement programmes.
• International candidates pool.

5. Especial: virtual mobility
• Conference programme for experts in mobility programmes through video-conference.
• European forum of experts on movility for employment.

Search and dissemination of the best mobility experience and placements.

European mobility awards
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