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There have been changes in the European Programs. Therefore, we have changed our website to adapt to them.
Please, review your data profile (step 2 of your “modify profile” link) to select the program that you are interested in.
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We are several public and private entities with the aim to create a European site for:

  • Transnational European Projects.
  • Search Partnership.
  • Project dissemination.
  • Experience exchange.
  • Expert´s Forum in Project´s Management.
This site is a non-profit-making site.
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Registration is only allowed for Education and Training Experts. In order to build a professional site for exclusive use of those interested in working in Lifelong Learning we would like to include in it only those who provide the necessary information and demonstrate their serious interest in participating.

For this reason, the passwords are not given automatically.
We apologise for the inconveniences but we are just interested in providing a quality service for those registered.

It`s very important that you write correctly your email in the registration form because if your email is wrong we cannot contact you and we cannot send you any email. Also it's necessary that you put in your contact list the email. to receive our emails.

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Distribution List: The system generates messages to the personal email address of those which preferences coincide with:

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